entomi now is named entofriends - Your delicious Insect-Burger

That insects taste very good and are suitable as a snack, is known. Now also approved in Europe as a food, you can enjoy the variety for the preparation. Even ground, as protein-containing insects flour, the preparation variety is enormous.

So we got inspired by entofriends and created an insect burger that's delicious and environmentally conscious. It is a Roastmix with 29% Buffalo Worm (Alphitobius diaperinus) and other high quality ingredients.

Cattle need 15000 times more water, 12.5 times more surface, 4 times more food compared to insects

Sustainable nutrition for the future

entofriends is a manufacturer, not only dealers but also pioneers in using the future-oriented and sustainable food source as part of our production: Insects.

Until recently, eating insects or their products has been especially common in Asia, and now we Europeans are discovering this new diversity. This has two main reasons. First, insects have an excellent amino acid profile and are universally processed and prepared. On the other hand, they protect the environment by using far fewer resources than the livestock of pigs, cattle or poultry. This applies in particular to the resulting CO2 pollution as well as the significantly lower water, feed and space requirements of the animals. Their rearing takes only a few weeks. They contain many minerals, fiber and good unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins and sometimes up to 80% protein, just as much or more iron than beef and can thus counteract the most common deficiency symptoms, iron deficiency.


Manufacturer for humans and the environment - entofriends

The insects are kept in an appropriate manner, gently killed and not tormented. They also have a high feed conversion efficiency. This means that the animals are capable of converting the respective feed mass into an increased body mass (see United Nations (FAO).

Because they can be bred on organic by-streams, not only is the waste upgraded, it also reduces environmental impact. They rarely produce greenhouse gases or ammonia. The maintenance is much less expensive and harmful to the environment since they require much less water than e.g. Pigs, cattle or poultry. The addition of insects through their excellent ingredients also is valuable, as it contains large amounts of vitamin B12, calcium, iron, zinc, protein and much more.